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Meet Dr. Ian Mah and the Park Dental team

What we hear most from our patients is that when they come see their dentist at the Park Dental clinic in Sherwood Park, they’re always impressed by our dedication to their comfort and overall oral health. We don’t just fix problems; we help people take control of their oral health. You might not exactly look forward to your root canal, but with our friendly team supporting you, it will be as easy and painless a procedure as possible. Dr. Mike Truong, Dr. Sandy Nghiem and I, Dr. Ian Mah, work hard to make sure our patients are informed, comfortable, and know their dentists are doing everything we can to improve their oral health. If you haven’t visited us yet, I thought I’d introduce myself to you and explain a little about our clinic.

Dr. Ian Mah

I earned my degree in dentistry from the University of Alberta in 1992 and have always had an intense drive to learn more about treatments and therapies. During my school years, I became particularly interested in the complex interactions between different parts of the body that make up oral health, such as the ways in which your bite affects your breathing. I got my start working in a practice that focused on emergency dental care. My time as an emergency dentist gave me a solid foundation in how to handle urgent cases as well as providing general dental services. I started at Park Dental in Sherwood Park part time while still working full time in Edmonton. When the founder of our clinic decided to retire, I was asked to work full time with the team.

The Park Dental Philosophy

Dr. Ken Cullum established Park Dental in 1967. When I joined the practice in 1996, what really caught my attention was the friendly, family atmosphere in the clinic as well as the high quality of the dental treatment that was coming out of the clinic. Dr. Cullum's practice philosophy fit perfectly with mine so becoming the chief dentist here was a seamless transition. Fifty years after the clinic first started, we are still committed to excellence in patient care, just as Dr. Cullum was.

Today, we offer a comprehensive range to dental treatments that span from basic dentistry to oral appliances that can be used for treatment of snoring as well as sleep apnea. We also have the ability to improve the geometry of a person's airway with therapies that have emerged only a few short years ago.

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