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At Park Dental Wellness Centre, we can help diagnose and treat problems related to Temporomandibular disorders. TMJ disorder can cause symptoms such as headaches and jaw, neck and shoulder pain. The TM joints connect to your lower jawbone, and these joints are used to talk, chew, yawn and more. Issues with these joints and muscles are complex, and it takes the right knowledge and experience to correctly diagnose TMJ problems. If you are experiencing TMJ pain, visit our Sherwood Park dental clinic. We provide assessments for patients experiencing pain from TMJ disorder, and we will work with you to come up with a treatment plan to alleviate your pain.

Our CBCT allows us to take detailed low radiation 3D x-rays that help us identify issues like wear to the TM joints and other TMJ issues not easily seen on regular x-rays.

Treatment for TMJ issues is very effective with a custom orthotic splint or nightguard that rebalances the bite and takes the stress off the joints. These oral appliances are usually only worn at night and can be manufactured in a couple weeks.

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